Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The little Highness

His little eyes gleamed and it spoke about many unspoken things. It was filled with myriads of imaginations running wild. His mind was captured by the most marvelous thoughts. His pen works magic, verbalizing his hearts’ elation, woes and queries into a fine piece of poetry.

That was Absar, the 13 years old boy who put together words in such a way that they were lines filled with emotions that couldn’t be expressed in a much better way. Gifted he was who flew away to the unknown world leaving us bereaved of those beautiful lines that were still hidden in his heart’s core.

His world was wide, wider than any 13 years old could ever fancy. He found beauty in every bit of nature and in nature he found God, which unfortunately many forget to find. He wasn’t a daydreamer but he lived in the world of reality, knew its pros and cons and that is why his thought went wide. He put forth such thoughts that the elders have not yet thought of and that’s what makes his poems peculiar and special.

The only creation of God given common sense and the power to think and act accordingly is man. He is given the freedom to exist as he wishes to. The Flowers spreading fragrance, the nightingale signing melodiously, the thunderous water falls, the sky spreading the bluish hue, the Scarlet sky at twilight, all obey his orders. Now let’s look into ourselves and then into Absar’s Lines,

“ How injust is this world,
How ungrateful is the human race,
Lest they knew themselves
They would recognize the lord
And then be purified at hearts. “

He had an inquisitive nature. Mostly he wouldn’t be satisfied with the answers he got. He spend most of his time clearing doubts about everything under the sun. Absar from very small age learned the truth that it is not easy to verbalize all the things we visualize.

When Absar was just eight, one of the friends of his father a tall person visited them and while they were taking over a cup of tea the friend mentioned that he was going to visit his father who was seriously ill. Absar who was playing in their midst stopped his games and looked at the friend from head to toe and this made his father ask him if he was thinking how tall his friend’s father would be. But his answer was interesting, he answered that for a man to be tall his father need not be extraordinary tall or tall at all! He had grasped the truth that it is from a small seed that a big tree comes into being.

The blue sky, the twinkling stars, the wavy sea and the blowing wind, such aspects were always enigmatic to him (and may be that is why his first poem is about the sea). The waves that washed the shore sometimes wild and sometimes serene, the ships that float on it, thoughts of the sea always reverberated in his mind.

We know the fact that the sun gives light and the moon gives light too. The rays of the sun spreads heat but that of the moon doesn’t. He had doubts about this when he was just seven.

He had a lot of questions about the universe. He was of the opinion that it was better to classify man into two, learned and ignorant and not into believers and non-believers.

Some thought were brewing in his mind about God but he was unable to put it into lines because by then the Koompilly Canal had gulped his little body.

“Rjamargam” was a book that Absar and his father discussed a lot. It seems that Absar was found happiest during their discussion about the contents of the book.

One of his works “A grandmas’ Tale” speaks out the miseries that science has caused. It is with sarcasm that he looks upon those who instead of using up scientific knowledge for the best used it up for the worst. He calls them. “ a crowd of wise spurred by gushing knowledge”.

The contents of “ The Grandmas’ Tale” :-

In her best attire adorned like a bride
elegant in youths glory stood the earth.

Elated she was and in joy she cried,
Her face glowed cause of the mirth

Agony not known, happiness the only shower,
the creatures danced about in zest,

The nectar of wisdom they drank from every flower,
But the devil in them used it up for the worst,

The earth trembled in their hands
a wild scream, a pool of blood, then a handful of ash,

Now the past remains a fairy tale …

Certain things that we think are complicated were silly for him and those, which are minute for us, seem entangled for him. He had that thirst for knowledge from the very childhood.

To conclude, let me quote a few lines of Aga Khan.

“Every day has been so short, every hour so fleeting, every minute so filled with the life I love, that time for me has fled on too swift a wing”

I have taken a priority to be the mouthpiece of Absar just to mention that for him life has fled away leaving behind the many years to come by ,But the Lord might have better things in store for the innocent ones in heaven and Absar is blessed to be by the Almighty’s side at an early age lucky enough to escape the harsh realities of life.
Sadiya A.Nasir